Miesha Wilson, Owner of NuLife Fitness Camp®


NuLife Fitness Camp® Owner

NuLife Fitness Camp® has been a brick and mortar for over 13 years in the greater Cleveland area and now I am sharing the experience and taking NuLife on the move with NuLife TV. 

Nulife Fitness Camp has successfully helped thousands of members; (men, women and children) lose over 200,000 lbs, and counting over the last eight years. Not only have members lost the weight, but have implemented the knowledge learned at NuLife to successfully manage their weight.

The fitness camp incorporates a combination of intense aerobic, step & resistance routines and a guide of healthy eating habits consisting of more whole foods. 

NuLife is set up to implement group fitness in a boot camp style format with personal attributes. The program entails very rigorous fitness 45-minute routines that are targeted primarily at burning fat and strengthening & toning your body. 


NuLife caters to those who are determined to make a change & be fit.  "Come at your HEAVIEST..Leave at your HEALTHIEST."

“I’m always asked what keeps me motivated to motivate others and it’s simply the ability to encourage someone to be happy again, healthy again and feel good about themselves, to me, that’s PRICELESS.” -Miesha


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Take NuLife TV with you anywhere. Don't let your fitness suffer while on vacation or traveling for work. Login to NuLife TV and burn those calories.


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